Rich Goss, Caller and Musician

Rich Goss Photo
Taken in Nevada City, California

Most weekends, and sometimes on weekdays, I can be found in a dance hall somewhere calling, playing, doing sound, or contra dancing. I get to play in two great bands, Cascade Crossing and Hands4. Both of these bands are available to play your weekend or local contra dance. I also play percussion once or twice a year with The Portland Megaband, a 75-80 member contra orchestra!!

The Pacific NW is such a terrific place to live! It's great for calling and playing opportunities. In addition to established contra dances, I enjoy calling for private (or public) parties and weddings.

I've called dances from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, CA to North Carolina, to Washington DC for events ranging from large to small, novice to experienced, in a driveway to very large dance halls. I enjoy calling fun accessible dances with a clear concise teaching style. Always with a good-natured, easy-going style.

I'm grateful to all the dance organizers and individuals who have hired me to call their dances. I particularly appreciate the local Portland dance community for patiently letting me try out new material. You're all wonderful!

In addition to all this dance and music related fun, my other passion is software quality. Helping development organizations achieve their quality goals is particularly gratifying. I just enjoy finding creative ways to test and break software.

Other activities include exploring the mountains, coast, and the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, living near Portland in Battle Ground, WA, and playing with my dogs, Otto and Kasey.

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