Rich Goss Dance Compositions

Updated 10/1/2006

Alberta Street Contra    Formation: Improper Contra     Aug 2006
A1: (new) Neighbor Balance and Swing
A2: Down hall 4-in-line, *Dixie Twirl
Return, Bend the line
B1: Circle left 3/4, Partner Swing
B2: Right Left Thru across (or Prom), Ladies chain
*Middles arch. Keep hands joined, right hand dancer (#1 lady)
leads through arch while the left hand dancer (#1 Gent) leads across set to
face up. At the end of the move, the line has the same order, just facing up.
Bear Hug    Formation: Becket     Oct 2010
A1: Circle Left 1x, Left Diagonal Ladies Chain
A2: (Courtesy turn to face CCW around the whole set)
Prom whole set, (face in, form big oval) Return
B1: (When you see partner) Pass thru, swing Neighbor
B2: Left Hand Star 3/4
(Gents roll back) Partner Swing
Written in honor of my friend, Warren Argo.
Betty's Night Out    Formation: Improper, Double Prog     May 2010
A1: Neighbor Dosido and Swing (end facing down hall)
A2: Down hall 4-in-line, turn as couples
Return, face across
B1: Half Hey, Gents Ricochet Back (Ladies pass rt sh)
Partner swing
B2: Circle Left 3/4
As Couples, zig left, zag right, zig left
Written for Betty Stewart.
Betty's Night Out #2    Formation: Improper, Double Prog     May 2010
A1: Neighbor Dosido, RHS 1x, Ladies roll back
A2: Neighbor Balance and Swing
B1: Half Hey* Gents Ricochet Back (Ladies pass LEFT sh after Gents)
Partner swing
B2: Circle Left 3/4
As Couples, zig left, zag right, zig left
Variation for a crowded hall.
* Gents start the hey as though they would pass left shoulders. The ladies follow
completing the half hey to join their partner on the side.
Carl's Double Nickel    Formation: Becket     June 2010
A1: (Across the set), as couples cozy dosido
Left Diagonal Ladies Chain
A2: Circle left 3/4, Trail Buddy Swing*
B1: Hey for four (Gents st pass lt sh, look for partner on side)
B2: Partner Balance and Swing (Stay cozy)
Variation for a crowded hall.
* Can substitute a Right allemende 1 1/2 with your Trail Buddy
Written on the occasion of Carl Thor's 55th birthday.
Flashy Sorrell Mare    Formation: 3 facing 3     December 2005
A1: Three forward and Back
Allemand Right Across (centers keep hands joined)
A2: Contra Corners
(at the end of contra corners, centers pass by right into the hey)
B1: Hey for three (Centers pass Rt hand partner left sh to start)
(to mix up your order)
B2: Lines of three pass thru
Basket swing 3 (end facing line of progression)
(okay to mix up here too)
Hand To My Left (HTML)     Formation: Improper     June 2006
A1: N Alle Rt 3/4, Gents Alle Left 1/2 (Form a wave across)
Wave Balance, walk forward (to form a ring)
A2: Ring Balance, Petronella twirl
(Scoop up your N on side) Neighbor Swing
B1: Circle Left 3/4, Pass Thru U/D
Partner Swing
B2: Gents Alle Left 1 1/2
Ladies join left hands behind Partner
Left Hand Star 1x
Note: In B2, ladies join left hands behind their partner as they pass. The left-hand star should begin with the one's below the two's with hands across.
Updated 7/8/06
Jenny's Trip to Seattle     Formation: Improper     Dec 2011
A1: Circle Left 1 1/4, Gents Alle Left 1x
A2: Partner Balance and Swing
B1: Half Hey (Gents St Pass Lt Sh) Ladies ricochet back
Neighbor Swing
B2: Long Lines Fwd/Back
Bal Partner, Pass thru, cross trail
Written for my daugher Jennifer, who was visiting from Texas and went to Seattle with me.
Knit the Knot
Formation: Becket
A1: Left diagonal R/L Thru
Straight across R/L Thru (Courtesy turn!)
A2: *Celtic Knot Hey
B1: Partner Balance and Swing
B2: LLFB, Circle Left
Note: * Ladies start passing right sh in the middle ~3/4 while the gents orbit right 1/4 to then pass lady by left, to then go into the center. Gents then pass right shoulders in the middle ~3/4 while ladies orbit right 1/4 to then pass the gent left sh coming out of the middle. Repeat. All should end up where they started, like a normal hey. Ladies will always come out of the middle up/down. Gents will always come out of the middle on sides.
The Last Wednesday     Formation: Improper, Double Prog     June 2006
A1: (next) Neighbor Balance and Swing
A2: Gents allemande Left 1 1/2
Partner Swing
B1: Ladies Chain (Form a ring)
Ring Balance, Cross-trail through
B2: Neighbor balance, Box the Gnat
Right hand star 1x
Notes: B1 cross-trail is best called as "Pass your partner by the right across, pass your neighbor by the left on the side"
B2 teaching point: After the Box the Gnat, have the dancers identify their next neighbor. They will be coming back to swing them real soon.
Little Buddy Formation: Duple Improper Contra     March 2007
A1: Full Hey
(Gents start passing right sh)
A2: Neighbor Balance and Swing
B1: Ladies Gypsy 1 1/2, Partner Swing
B2: Circle Left 3/4
(Same) Neighbor Dosido 1 1/2
(Gents look for next N to st hey)
Note for A1: It's a nice touch to briefly make flirty eye contact with your neighbor before starting the hey. You'll be swinging them soon!
Lori's Trip to La Grande
Formation: Indecent (ones proper, twos crossed)     September 2006
A1: Left Hand Star 1x
(Ladies roll over right shoulder) Neighbor Swing
A2: Hey (Ladies start passing right sh)
B1: Ladies cross set once more, Partner Swing
B2: Pass the ocean*, Balance
Partner allemande right 1/2, Gent allemande left 1/2
Neighbor allemande right 1 1/4 (to progress to left hand star in A1)
Note: *Pass the ocean - pass through, ladies take left hands in the center
and turn halfway, gents cross the set and take right hands with your
partner to form an ocean wave across the set.
Mariah's Cookies    Formation: Becket     April 2006
A1: Circle Left 1x
Left Diagonal Ladies Chain
A2: Right Diag Ladies Chain (to Shadow) (Ends cross)
Left Hand Star (into a 3/4 hey, B1)
B1: 3/4 Hey w/next (ladies pass LEFT sh, Gents loop RIGHT)*
B2: Partner Balance and Swing
Note: *When you pass in the middle the 2nd time, exit the hey and look for your partner on the side. (ladies pass ladies, gents pass gents). Ladies arrive first and help your partner find his way.
The Real You    Formation: Becket     October 2005
A1: (on left diagonal) Circle Left 3/4
Neighbor Swing (on side)
A2: Ladies chain (courtesy turn)
Ladies walk straight into center,
...join hands in long wave, balance (hold)
B1: Gents to center to make interweaving long wave, balance
Drop hands (gents drop left hands, ladies drop right hands)
(w/Ladies backing up) Gypsy star all the way
B2: w/Partner(on side) Gypsy and swing
Saint Lawrence McGlasson    Formation: Improper     July 2005
A1: (ones step between twos to start)
Handy-Hand allemande neighbor
Ones Swing (end facing down)
A2: Down the hall 4-in-line
Turn as couple, return
B1: Bend line and balance the ring
Two's Swing (end facing up)
B2: Circle Left 1x
Balance Ring, Two's arch, one's pass under (to progress)
Stumptown Meltdown    Formation: Improper     August 2006
A1: (Take inside hands) Neighbor balance and Star Through
Circle Left 3/4
(End on Gents original side w/Partner)
A2: Full hey for 4 (Gents start passing Right shoulders)
B1: Partner balance and swing
B2: w/Partner promenade across
Gents dosido 1 1/2 (to progress)
Twist in the Middle    Formation: Becket     February 2006
A1: On Left diagonal forward and straight back
Partner see saw (ladies into center)
A2: Ladies Balance and Swing
(end facing down next to your partner)
B1: (W/ladies in center) Down the Hall 4-in-line, turn as couples
Return; Ladies cast the gents around
B2: Gents left shoulder gypsy 1x
Partner Swing
Note: Based on "Women in the Middle" by David Kirchner

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